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IQS Research serves a variety of clients from Fortune 500 organizations to local companies, all of whom share the unifying trait of wanting to move their organizations ahead. Change isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. Good organizations know that in order to make effective changes they need to have a clear understanding of what obstacles are standing in their way.
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Human Capital Analytics

Providing mid-market businesses with tools to understand and optimize employee and leader performance.

Public Policy Research

Helping public and non-profit organizations advance important initiatives and drive transformational change.

Business Strategy Research

Partnering with technical firms and manufacturing companies to capitalize on market opportunities.

Custom Research Services

Employing engineering principles to explore and solve difficult problems.

IQS has delivered exactly what our business needed: reliable data collected from our customers in a friendly, effective and efficient manner. They have surpassed our expectations at every turn.
John Borders Borders & Borders, PLC, Louisville, KY
We partnered with Penn State and Texas Christian to conduct a survey. IQS Research provided a tasteful and reliable 4-language platform that allowed us to collect responses from around the globe, with a forty percent increase in volume.
Karl Corbett CEO, Sasha Corporation Business Manager, Sherpa Coaching, Cincinnati, Ohio
We needed to determine how successful we had been in getting the community informed about our programs and we needed to determine baseline information. IQS Research designed and administered a survey that accomplished both tasks in a timely manner.
Marty Bell Deputy to Superintendent Jefferson County Public Schools
We annually take the temperature of our corporate culture to ensure we are operating at the highest level. Having worked with global research companies, we were looking for a local partner that would further improve our existing research program. IQS Research proved to be that partner.
Lisa Tabler Company Administrator/Manager LINAK U.S. Inc.
We’ve worked with IQS Research for 4 years and their service has been outstanding. Their consumer feedback surveys have become an integral part of our overall product planning and development process., and their customer service is second to none.
Joe Reagan President Greater Louisville, Inc.
The name “Innovative Quality Solutions” is most appropriate because the services that this company provides are truly cutting-edge. With the help of Mr. Herbig and his company, there were many customer focused projects launched at the Louisville Plant.
Mary Maki Six Sigma Manager, Ford, Louisville, Kentucky
We found IQS Research to be a true ally in our efforts. They were able to present information in a manner truly usable to our team. The knowledge provided made a significant contribution toward helping us to meet our customer satisfaction and quality improvement targets.
Robert Naber Manager – VS&PFCSD Ranger Engineering
We work hard to know our customers. IQS Research can help any company know theirs’.
Bob Patterson President, Consumers Choice Coffee

Our staff comes from many different disciplines and backgrounds

Shawn Herbig
President & Founder

Masahiro Ito

Hayley White
Lead Research Analyst

Ben Schneider
Research Analyst

Margo Morton
Research Study Coordinator

Laquisha George
Field Team Supervisor

Janet Fulton
Executive Interviewer and Data Collection Specialist

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